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27 January, 2012 | espaƱol

While pre-season training was one of the triathlete tweeps’ favourite topics this week, the conversation between ITU stars on Twitter also took in the weather, Australia Day, and some tennis.

Helle Frederiksen tweeted this picturesque snap of 2008 ITU World Champion Daniel Unger on the track.

Helle Frederiksen @helle_f. “Daniel Unger setting the track a light at Club La Santa. During a 20 x 400m track session last night”

While cold snap in New Zealand had plenty of Kiwis talking.

Debbie Tanner @debstanner. “30 degrees yesterday nek minute it’s snowing!! Thank goodness I got a rest day tomorrow!”

Tom Davison @tom_davison_nz. “You know its cold when there’s snow settling inside your room eh.. #summercamp”

Some of those completing a pre-season in the land of Aus joined in with Australia’s national day celebrations, although Brad Kahlefeldt didn’t enjoy Emma Moffatt‘s dinner suggestion.

Vicky Holland @VixHolland. “awesome aussie day BBQ with @katiepure and @sportsrehabtw11 - had some roo steak to honour it!.”

Brad Kahlefeldt @GOSticksy. “Kicking back for Australian day. @_Moffy suggested Mexican for dinner #unaustralian #aussieBBQ.”

Then late on Thursday night, plenty of triathletes tuned into the epic Australian Open semi-final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Jamie Huggett @jamie_huggett. “Hoping fed comes through with the win! Love the way he goes about his game. #calm #ausopen.”

Chris McCormack @MaccaNow. “Come on Roger!.”

Vicky Holland @VixHolland. “personal opinion here, but both fed&rafa not plain their best tennis 2nite. looks like they’ll b fighting it out on willpower #truechampions.”

And for those seeking a bit of triathlon nostalgia, ITU photographer Delly Carr posted this picture of four Australian triathlon legends. ITU commentator Barrie Shepley bought our attention to it.

Barrie Shepley @Barrieshepley. “Awesome shot of 4 of the sport’s greatest ever triathletes racing head to head from the early 90s.!/photo.php?fbid=266797436669715&set=o.248771691812698&type=1&theater.”

And finally, there was a triathlon wedding to celebrate.

Hollie Avil @Hollie_Avil. “It’s wedding day! All my love to such a beautiful couple and two very inspiring people, @Teamdillon and @StuHayes13! See you at the Chapel x.”

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