How to Watch

TriathlonLIVE logoYou can watch and follow all the World Triathlon Championship Series elite races live and on-demand at Beyond live video streaming, TriathlonLIVE offers live timing, live social media feeds, and an extensive archive of race videos and exclusive features.

In the United States of America, the World Triathlon Championships Series is also available to stream on FloBikes, FloTrack, FloSwimming.

World Triathlon, in collaboration with InFront, offers live coverage of all World Triathlon Series races. Working alongside the world's largest public and sports broadcasters, the World Triathlon Series is the first of its kind to feature international live coverage of all events. With up to 20 camera positions at each race, including boat, motorcycle and helicopter cameras, triathlon fans can watch all the action from every corner of the world. The most up-to-date outside broadcast technology will be used to bring fans closer to the action than ever before, with GPS graphics and live timing data incorporated into the live broadcasts to provide second-by-second updates in real time. 

2020 TV Broadcaster List*

Territory Broadcaster
Andorra L'Equipe
Anguilla DirecTV
Antigua and Barbuda DirecTV
Argentina DirecTV
Aruba DirecTV
Austria ORF
Barbados DirecTV
Belize DirecTV
Bolivia DirecTV
Bonaire DirecTV
Bosnia TV Arena Sport / HD-Win
British Virgin Islands DirecTV
Cayman Islands DirecTV
Chile DirecTV
Colombia DirecTV
Comoros L'Equipe
Croatia TV Arena Sport / HD-Win
Curacao DirecTV
Denmark NENT (Viasat)
Dominica DirecTV
Ecuador DirecTV
Fiji Islands L'Equipe
Finland NENT (Viasat)
France L'Equipe
French Guiana DirecTV
French Guyana L'Equipe
French Polynesia L'Equipe
Grenada DirecTV
Guadaloupe DirecTV
Guadalupe L'Equipe
Guyana DirecTV
Haiti DirecTV
Jamaica DirecTV
Kosovo TV Arena Sport / HD-Win
Macedonia TV Arena Sport / HD-Win
Martinica L'Equipe
Martinique DirecTV
Mauritius L'Equipe
Mayotte L'Equipe
Monaco L'Equipe
Montenegro TV Arena Sport / HD-Win
Montserrat DirecTV
Paraguay DirecTV
Peru DirecTV
Poland Polsat
Réunion L'Equipe
Saba DirecTV
Saint Barthélemy DirecTV
Saint Eustatius DirecTV
Saint Kitts and Nevis DirecTV
Saint Lucia DirecTV
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines DirecTV
Saint-Barthélemy L'Equipe
Saint-Martin L'Equipe
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon L'Equipe
Serbia TV Arena Sport / HD-Win
Seychelles L'Equipe
Slovenia TV Arena Sport / HD-Win
Spain RTVE
Suriname DirecTV
Sweden NENT (Viasat)
Tonga L'Equipe
Trinidad and Tobago DirecTV
Turks and Caicos DirecTV
Uruguay DirecTV
Vanuatu L'Equipe
Venezuela DirecTV
Wallis and Futuna L'Equipe

*Broadcasters are subject to change.