Athlete chatter ahead of WTS Edmonton

26 July, 2018 | español

Athlete chatter ahead of WTS Edmonton

Edmonton prepares to play host to the 6th stop on the WTS circuit this year, with a full line-up of races including Paratriathlon, Elite Women and Men and Mixed Relay.  Full suite of races is about to kick off the final stretch of the season, and some of the elite triathletes and parathletes expressed their thoughts in the press conference 24 hours before the races.

Mario Mola (ESP)
On his return to Edmonton: “We are doing our best to prepare to race at night. Coming from Europe it’s not the easiest, but we are doing training later at night and focusing on a later start.”

On the Olympic cycle: “It’s always in the back of your mind about wanting to earn points for your country. It’s important to focus on the race ahead and take one race at a time.”

Katie Zaferes (USA)
On her number one ranking: “It took a lot of learning to get to this place, on the mental and the physical side. I try to look at the process goals to get to this place instead of season goals, taking it one race at a time.”

On what you can tell someone who has never seen a WTS race: “I would tell spectators to come and cheer loudly. It really makes a difference in our races to have an awesome, supportive atmosphere. It is so nice to have the cheers from the side that helps you when you’re in a deep, dark place.”

Stefan Daniel (CAN)
On his silver medal: “Rio was a pretty special experience. Second place is pretty much the most motivating position you can be in. I know I am capable of more and I’m training pretty hard, Schultz who won Rio is here in Edmonton and it will be great to gauge where I am at”.

Can you tell us more about “being in the box”? (laughs): “This is a term me and my boys on the Cross Country team at home often use. It’s that place where you’re not thinking too straight or not feeling too good, maybe your heart rate has spiked, it’s a hard place. I think most triathletes can relate to that feeling, this ‘box’ of suffering”.

Joanna Brown (CAN)
On her season to date:  “It has been a mixed bag of a season from wrist fracture to the Commonwealth Games. From the low places I have managed to claw my way back. I still have fingernails so I can keep on climbing. I am excited to see how the rest of the season will go. The last couple WTS races haven’t been what I wanted, so I am ready to push the rest of my season”.

Tell us what makes Edmonton special:“It is a cool course and a challenging one, that hill is unique on the circuit. It feels great to race at home in Canada; it’s good to be here. I’ve been racing here for seven years and there is nothing like the energy of racing at home”.

Tyler Mislawchuk (CAN)

On the pressure to perform at home: “For me I think it’s mostly the expectations I have of myself.  That’s at every race. Maybe motivation is a better word I have people supporting me I don’t take pressure as a negative, I take it as a positive. I have been here for 7 years as well, and I look forward to racing here again”.

What he would say to young Canadians watching him: “I would say I was once there. I looked at Simon Whitfield, watching him, thinking I would never get there or anywhere. It’s a day in and day out work ethic and not setting sight too far in advance. Day by day is a thing I like to say. Since 2011 when I first raced here until now”.

The women will get the 2018 ITU World Triathlon Edmonton underway at 17:36 local time on Friday, July 27. The men will follow shortly thereafter at 19:21 MST Follow all of the action live at and on twitter @triathlonlive. Join the conversation with the hashtag #WTSEdmonton

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