Yokohama ITU World Triathlon Series Press Conference Highlights

15 May, 2014 | espaƱol

Yokohama ITU World Triathlon Series Press Conference Highlights

Athletes gathered at the Monterey Hotel in Yamashita, Yokohama for the press conference at the ITU World Triathlon Series Yokohama. Here are the highlights from the press conference ahead of Saturday’s racing.

Jodie Stimpson (GBR)
On her current form this season and memories of her podium result here last year.

“Last year I was in a sprint finish with Emma (Moffatt) but I hope for no more sprint finishes this year. My training is going well, I have been in South Africa after the Cape Town race and I am looking forward to putting together a good performance here again on Saturday.”

On her winning Cape Town performance and how she has become much stronger in the past two years

“When I joined Darren Smith – my new coach, this was a turning point and it is why I have improved so much after the London Olympics. In Cape Town a lot went my way, I had a solid swim and the group worked well on the bike, I was lucky to then out sprint Helen (Jenkins). It was a tough race and I was pleased to come across the line a winner. Everything has been going well, training is good and I hope to have a good performance here.”

Emma Moffatt (AUS)
On last year and her form coming into Yokohama.

“I would love to be in a sprint with Jodie and repeat last year, I love coming to Yokohama and racing here, I have had great results in the past and would like to keep that up and be on the podium again this year.”

The Japanese moderator then made reference to the success of the Emma’s out of Australia – Carney, Snowsill, Moffatt and Jackson and suggested that every time anyone in Japan hears the name Emma, they immediately think of Triathlon.

On how to race well on the Yokohama course

“Like every race you have to take it as it comes, as history goes I have raced well here, it is similar to the Hamburg course and I seem to have good days on these flat more technical courses. You have to make sure you stay upright and stay smart.

“You have to be smart where you position yourself, if you are sitting on the back all day it can be quite taxing on your legs, even though you might be sucking wheels a lot of the time it is still extremely hard, even though there are no hills the pace can be a little bit higher and probably a few more attacks and spikes in the legs.”

Jonathan Brownlee (GBR)
When asked on his expectations for this year’s race, returning as defending champion.

“Last year I came here for my first race in the season, I had been injured and wasn’t sure what to expect but this year is completely different, it is my third race of the year and the season has started quite well for me. But this year the field is very strong and I am looking forward to racing, training has been going well at home. Having Alistair here changes it, it should make it faster again and it should be a great race.”

On how to beat Javier Gomez, who has won the opening two WTS events this season.

“Like Joao said, after Cape Town and Auckland you can’t change too much before here, all I have done is go home and try and get a little faster, I have done a few faster run sessions and I will try my best to run faster on Saturday. Having Alistair here will maybe help a little, especially on the bike. Javier was fast in Auckland and Cape Town and all I can do is try to beat him here.”

Joao Silva (POR)
On having such good form over the years here in Yokohama (1st 2011, 2012, 3rd 2013).

“I am liking Yokohama very much and thanks for having me here. Those last few races don’t mean anything for Saturday though, I will give my best and hope that everything goes well. I also think it is a much stronger field than previous years and I expect an amazing show.”

On his beard and whether this brings him good luck in Yokohama.

“Yes, I am growing a beard, I think that is why I perform so well sometimes and that is why, here it is!”

On racing against the London Olympic medalists on Saturday.

“I will give my best as I always try to do. Maybe someday that will be enough to beat them, what I can do is give my best and hope it all goes well.  I want also to congratulate you all on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, as I normally do well in Japan, hopefully I will do well in 2020 in Tokyo.”

Javier Gomez Noya (ESP)
On his expectations for the race on Saturday.

“I am very happy to be here again in Yokohama, my season has started well, it really couldn’t have been better. I have been training well at home after my last race in Cape Town, this is my fourth time here, and I know the course well and hope to have another good one on Saturday.”

Yuichi Hosoda (JPN)
“This is the 5th time the ITU is racing here in Yokohama, and I have raced each time and each time the conditions have been different, first time it was hot and humid and tough race but I did a good job on the bike.”

On his recent good news and his hopes looking ahead to Rio 2016.

“I have a baby girl now, born on April 1st. Heading towards Rio I want to do the Olympics for my family, this is the source of my power for the triathlon, I want to show how strong I am for my family now.”

Juri Ide (JPN)
On changing her training environment.

“In order to be stronger and perhaps win in Rio at the Olympics I need to be stronger and I have to be more independent in my training. I was 34th at the last Olympics and I have made the change since then for these reasons.”