Successful Technical Seminar in Spain

04 November, 2009

The Spanish Triathlon Federation and the ITU Events Department managed a successful ITU Technical Official Level II Seminar with almost fifty attendees from seven countries in Madrid.

The two day programme gave an overall picture about the venue technical operations at continental level to all participants who could be the next generation of the international technical officials and event organizers in the near future. The lectures were conducted by Thanos Nikopoulos, Enrique Quesada and Gergely Markus from the ITU Events Department.

A Spanish Technical Education Programme with further fifty technical officials from all over Spain ran parallel with another ITU course led by Jorge Garcia the previous weekend, also in Madrid.

Gergely Markus, the ITU Events Director commented after the course: “The seminar in Madrid showed that our education program goes in the right direction. The combined workshop of the potential technical delegates and future ITU event organizers made the weekend very valuable for all participants. The potential is there in the future in Europe to host great events.”

The next stage of the ITU Technical Officials Educational Programme will be in Subic Bay, Philippines on the second weekend of November.


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