Paris 2024 qualification criteria for each National Federation

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Paris 2024 qualification criteria for each National Federation

Each National Federation and National Olympic Committee decides their own Olympic qualification criteria for their athletes. Please find here some information on a few countries, as soon as more information is available, we will continue to update this section.

- Triathlon Australia has three automatic auto qualification events:
- Paris Test Event - two athletes on the top 8 can get automatic selection
- Championships Finals Pontevedra - a third athlete finishing in the top 8 can get automatic selection
- If any spots have not been allocated, another WTCS event in early 2024 season can give automatic selection with a top 8 finish

- Any athlete with two top 8 finishes at a WTCS event during the Olympic qualification period gets automatic spots, but at least one of the two top 8 needs to be in the second period of the Olympic Qualification
- A podium at the European Championships means automatic selection

- Top 5 at the Test Event or at the Pontevedra Championships Final gives automatic qualification
- If not achieved, two top 12 places at any WTCS during the Olympic qualification period

- A podium at the Test Event gives automatic spot. A maximum of two athletes on the podium in Paris per gender are eligible.
- Top 8 at the test Event AND top 3 at the Pontevedra Championships Finals gives also an automatic spot
- At the end of 2023 season, a remaining spot can be announced as per discretionary reasons, based on results and podiums at the WTCS events, especially on Olympic distance events
- To confirm their eligibility, all nominated for the team athletes must have a top 6 result on a WTCS in 2024 (top 3 if sprint distance event)

-    Up to 2 athletes who finish in Top 8 at the Test Event
-    Up to 2 athletes (if 2 are up for grabs) at Grand Final Top 8 (roll downs are allowed, IE if AQ athlete is 1st German, and another German is in top 8, they would get AQ status)
-    Finish top 12 ranked WTCS standings (plus being ranked top 30 in Olympic rankings)
-    Discretion

- For returning Olympic medallists, if they finish in the podium in the 2023 Paris Test Event they are automatically in the team for 2024
- For non Olympic medallists, they had to be at the podium at the Paris Test Event and the Pontevedra Championship Final.
- If no one meets these criteria, they will look at their individual performances in the Test Event and early WTCS races in 2024

- First option for qualifying will be finishing in Top 8 in any WTCS during the Olympic Qualification period or the Test Event

- Highest ranked athlete in the Olympic rankings at the end of Qualification period, as long as he/she is top 20 on the Ranking
- Top 8 at the Test Event, Championships Finals in Pontevedra or Yokohama 2024 also gives direct qualification

- First criteria is if the Team gets automatic selection in Hamburg 2023 World Championships. Whoever would have been on that team will get automatic spots
- If the Team podiums at any Mixed Relay Series during the Olympic Qualification period, the team will be automatically selected for the Games
- If the Team qualifies through the Mixed Relay rankings, the top ranked (individual) men and women will get automatic selection, the second man and woman will be to the NF discretion. If we have a third male or female qualified, it will be th next one on the individual ranking list.
- If the Team is not qualified through the Mixed Relay rankings, to get an automatic spot you need to win a WTCS in 2024
- If no one meets this criteria, is Olympic qualification ranking

- Podium at the Test Event gives direct spot
- Top 8th at the Test Event and a WTCS event

- Top 8 at the Paris Test Event means direct spot on the team for Paris 2024
- If at the end of 2023 an athlete is on the Top 12 of the Olympic rankings, he/she will get automatic selection
- If no one meets these criteria and all the remaining spots will be discretionary

- Two top 8 places at any WTCS event
- One top 8 at WTCS plus a podium at either the European Championships or the European Games

- The first procedure for automatic selection is in the 2023 Paris Test event. If two athletes get in the podium, the two of them get automatic selection
- If we have one athlete in the podium in the Test event and another athlete in the top 8, both get automatic selection
- If we have no athletes in the podium at the Test Event, an athlete in the Top 8 gets automatic selection
- The second procedure is in the 2023 Pontevedra Championships final. If there are still positions available, we can select one athlete who gets in the podium

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