Long distance World Championships

06 August, 2005

Full results are available from the 2005 ITU World Long distance Championships.
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Below is an excerpt from the live coverage of the event.

11.05 - The leading men are out on their first lap on the run course. World Champion Torbjørn Sindballe is still leading the men’s field. Viktor Zemtsev from Ukraine and Xavier Lefloch from France are running fast trying to close the cap on the men in front.

11.10 - Sindballe is slowing down and loosing time. He may have pushed to hard on the bike. Marino Vanhoennacker from Belgium and pre race favorite Jonas Colting is trying to keep up the pace, but can not keep up with Zemtsev from Ukraine

11.16 - Torbjørn Sindballe has pulled out of the race.

11.17 - The first woman is in the second transition and it is Kathleen Smet from Belgium. Kathleen Smet has a 3 minutes gap to Linda Gallov from USA. Nikki Egyed from Australia is in third and moving up.

11.20 - Viktor Zemtsev from Ukraine is in the lead after the first lap (7,5k) of the run. Just behind him is Francois Chabaud. Marino Vanhoennacker from Belgium is in third, 27 seconds behind. At the moment France is the favorite to win the team relay.

11.40 - Kathleen Smet is in front after the first lap of the run course. Linda Gallov from USA is still in second place, but she is loosing time on Tiina Boman in third.

11.50 - Zemtsev is still the leading man, but Marino Vanhoennacker from Belgium have moved up and is now in second place. Chabaud from France is in third place. Favorites Jonas Colting from Sweden and Gerrit Schellens from Belgium ist in 7th and 10th position.

12.10 - The leading men have passed the finish area after 3 laps and are now on their last lap. In front is Zemtsev, but Vanhoennacker is only 23 seconds behind. Xavier Lefloch from France has taken over third place. Is this the final result…...... or can the participants behind them catch up? Dane Jens Koefoed is in 9th place.

12.20 - The leading woman is still Kathleen Smet from Belgium. She has a 7 minutes gap to Tiina Boman from Finland and Mirinda Carfrae from Australia.

12.39 - NEW WORLD CHAMPION!! Viktor Zemtsev from Ukraine is the new world champion on long distance triathlon. Winner of the silver medal is Marino Vanhoennacker from Belgium. Xavier Lefloch from France win the bronze medal.

12.58 - The leading women are now on the final lap of the run. Kathleen Smet is running in a steady pace and she is looking good. Mirinda Carfrae from Australia has passed Tiina Boman and is now in second place, 8.09 behind Smet. Boman is holding on to third place.

13.19 - KATHLEEN SMET WINS THE TITLE!! Kathleen Smet from Belgium has just passed the finish line as new world champion on the long distance.

13.25 - Second and third in the women’s race are Mirinda Carfrae from Australia and Tiina Boman from Finland.


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