Nikolay Yaroshenko

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  • Represents: Russia RUS
  • Year of birth: 1986
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Full Stats

Given NameNikolay
Family NameYaroshenko
Year of Birth1986
Place of BirthMakeyevka, Donetsk
Height1.82 m (6 ft 0 in)
Race Starts63
Race Wins3
Race Podiums11
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Nikolay was born and grew up in Ukraine in the Makeyevka town of Donetsk region. He played football In the childhood, but later Nikolay gave preference to swimming. In 1999 he became the prize-winner of the Junior championship of Ukraine. In 2001 he moved to Donetsk and started to study at Physical culture and sports High school of S. Bubka. As the pool worked not constantly, Nikolay and other students ran actively. He rode a bicycle all childhood, and once, when he was 15 years old he tried triathlon, and since 2002 started being engaged in a triathlon seriously. On the first team practice session in Yalta Nikolay understood that it is not so simple and demands more physical power than it seemed. First competitions were really hard for him and he didn’t understand how people can run after the bicycle, but he continued his training persistently. In 2003 Nikolay won Juniors Championship of Ukraine and took part in the European championship team race where they took the 7th place. In 2004 Nikolay became the member of the main triathlon national team of Ukraine with the main coach of national team. Same year he became the champion of Ukraine in the team race, took the 2nd place on championship of Europe (team). In 2005 – the champion of Ukraine, he won the main man’s championship at junior age. In 2006 – the champion of Ukraine (man), same year he was selected to the European championship and the World and, as a result, he took the 3rd place (relay race). At the end of 2006 Nikolay moved to Russia, Penza city and changed nationality because of misunderstanding with National team of Ukraine. In 2007 he started at the championship of Russia and the Summer championship of Russia (sprint), and took 4th place in both competitions.

In 2007 he became the prize-winner of the Overall Ranking of the Russian Cup, but 2008 was very difficult year for Nikolay because of the injuries which pursued him all season. He didn’t act this period and started play Russian billiard seriously. On the one hand it was a good time for him to relax, but with another – a time to think about couch changing and training process seriously for being a high level athlete. Nikolay made all efforts for achieving his goals . In 2009 Nikolay took the 6th place in the championship of Russia and took the 2nd place in the Summer championship of Russia (relay race). That period he trained himself and as a result of his training was his “The personal podium” on the Triathlon Asian Cup (Kazakhstan) in 2009. He won several Laps of Russian Cup. Then Nikolay started training under the leadership of Ivan Vasilyev. 2010 – Start in the first division of the Championship of France. It is rather serious level of competitions. Same year there was the first experience in a long triathlon – the European championship (Spain): 4 km – swimming, 120 km – the bicycle and 30 km – run. Same year he passed the Championship of Russia (selection) – the 3rd place (sprint), the Championship of Russia (relay race) – the 2nd place and the first win of the French division. There was a full-fledged team. In 2011 - the championship of Russia (personal records) - the 3rd place, the Championship of Russia (sprint) - the 6th place. Nikolay began to improve run technique with Sergey Yakovlev. He became to be well known in France. In 2012 he started to practice more a long distance. The first starts of a season were not absolutely successful, but Nikolay didn’t lose self-confidence and continued to train. The World Cup (long distance) - the 7th place (definitely great success for Nikolay and for all Russian triathlon since he became the first of Russians who has such result). The European championship - the 7th place, the Championship of Russia - the 6th place + relay races - the 3rd place, the World Cup at a long distance - 1 place. Podium at the end of a long season in Hong Kong! He became the Leader of the World ; the winner of the overall ranking of the World Cup at a Long Distance. In 2013 Nikolay decides to replace Penza city and signed the contract with Krasnodar. 2013 became productive for Nikolay as well: The Championship of Russia - the 2nd place, the European championship (a long distance) - the 7th place, the World Championship - the 9th place, the Championship of Russia (a long distance) - the 2nd place, the Military Championship of Russia - the 2nd place, the Winner of European and World rankings, and the Leader of the overall ranking of the World Cup in the Long Distance triathlon again.

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