Adam Burke

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  • Represents: United States USA
  • Year of birth: 1978
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Full Stats

Given NameAdam
Family NameBurke
Year of Birth1978
Place of BirthAlbany, NY USA
Race Starts2
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An unaccomplished runner, Adam started training to do marathons in 2002. After 43 marathons and as many injuries, Adam decided to diversify into triathlons. He went to the city pool one day in 2009 and jumped in. He watched more experienced 5 year olds until he got the gist and devoted himself to becoming a competent swimmer. After a couple of months, he bought a cheap bike and did his first triathlon, a small charity fundraiser with an 8 mile bike and a small pool swim. Immediately after the race, he signed up for a Half Iron in the mountains of West Virginia. From there, he started doing a triathlon every weekend his wife would let him. Because she is an angel, he does damn near 25 triathlons a year. In the countless decades since he hasn’t learned much but has come to realize that at 6’6” 190+lbs, he is naturally built for most any sport but triathlon.

Member of the 2012 USA Long Course National Triathlon team competing in Vitoria, Spain. Member of the 2023 USA Super Sprint National Triathlon team competing in Pontevedra, Spain. Member of the 2024 USA Sprint National Triathlon team competing in Malaga, Spain. They always have these in Spain?

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